The Vineyards

We cultivate fourteen hectares of vineyards in the winegrowing region Kremstal; many parcels are quite small, spread out over many sites around the richly traditional wine town of Krems an der Donau. We strive to implement the conscientious observance of traditions and utilisation of resources. This is evident, for example, in the loving renovation of the old wine house and in the vineyards, whether in the cultivation of our old vines or in the maintenance of the shrubbery & hedgerows that provide an environment for beneficial insects & birds.

The two main grape varieties at the estate are Grüner Veltliner & Riesling, grown in top vineyard sites in the Kremstal. The most important Veltliner vineyards – Kremser Gebling and the Loiser Weg in Stratzing – are characterised by loess soil. The best Rieslings come from the vineyard Riede Kremsleithen, one of the few sites in the Kremstal grown in primordial rock, and from the Kremser Marthal, a traditional site where loess alternates with gravel deposits from the primeval Danube.