Icy harvest at 5 o’clock in the morning

Vorspannhof Mayr: Eisweinlese

Already twice we had set the alarm clock in vain, but the third time it was finally time: On January 12, the temperatures were low enough to harvest an ice wine in the Riede Frechau.

For the first time we wanted to press such a sweet wine from muscat grapes. Normally, grapes from Grüner Veltliner or Riesling come to such honors in the Kremstal, simply because they are the two most common grape varieties. Why did we try it with the Gelber Muskateller? Because, on the one hand, we have a long Muskateller tradition at Vorspannhof Mayr and, on the other hand, the variety is one of the most aromatic grapes and is perfectly suited for an ice wine due to its beautiful acid structure.

Leaving grapes hanging for an ice wine always means a risk – it might not get cold enough. This time, the risk paid off: on January 12, it was frosty enough in the morning in the Frechau vineyard to harvest the grapes. With more than a dozen harvesters, we finished the harvest in barely an hour, starting at 5 am. In any case, the effort was worth it: the must has 30° KMW and has an intense Muscat fruit. We are already very excited about the finished wine.