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Eine Flasche Muskateller Eiswein

Eiswein from Gelber Muskateller

Harvested in January at – 7°C in the Ried Frechau and now finally on sale: our Eiswein made from Gelber Muskateller grapes is a real rarity!


Ried Marthal is now 1ÖTW Erste Lage

Two success stories for our top Riesling: The Riesling Ried Kremser Marthal is a 1ÖTW Erste Lage wine. In addition, according to the wine magazine Vinaria, it is one of the best Austrian Rieslings of the 2021 vintage.

Silke Mayr und Wilhelm Scheruebl

Three roses for the artist

Silke Mayr and artist Wilhelm Scheruebl showed at the end of July how creative creation and wine culture can benefit from each other.

Weinflasche im Vordergrund, Winzerin Silke Mayr hinten

2 x 2nd place for our Muskateller

The trade magazine Vinaria and the daily newspaper Die Presse ranked our Gelber Muskateller second in their Muskateller tastings. So much euphoria puts us in a spending mood: We will send you six bottles for € 54, – free of charge throughout Austria.

Drei Flaschen Drei Rosen, dahinter das Bild von Wilhelm Scheruebl

New in the range: Grüner Veltliner Drei Rosen

A special wine with a special label: our Drei Rosen 2019 is an opulent Grüner Veltliner aged in small wooden barrels. The label was inspired by the artist Wilhelm Scheruebl. The label was inspired by the artist Wilhelm Scheruebl.