Among the top female winemakers in Austria

Silke Mayr vor dem Vorspannhof

Austria is not only a country of wine, but also one of outstanding female winemakers. On the occasion of International Women’s Day on March 8, both Vinaria and Falstaff have presented what they consider to be the most remarkable female winemakers – and: Silke Mayr can be found right at the top in both trade media.


Vinaria divides its list into four categories: The best of the best, the excellent, the very good and the up-and-comers. Silke is one of the five best of the best. Quote Vinaria:

The most prominent figureheads are widely known, not only because they are attractive and communicative. Many of them are extremely successful nationally and internationally at tastings and awards: Silke Mayr from Kremstal, for example, runs two wineries under one roof, pardon: in one hand, collects top rankings and trophies at the Vinaria tastings just as she was recently awarded in Germany for her great sparkling wine (Buchegger Große Reserve).


The gourmet magazine has also compiled a list – not numbered – of Austria’s top female winemakers, and here Silke is also ranked among the best. Quote Falstaff:

At Vorspannhof Dross, winemaker Silke Mayr and the Buchegger winery focus on diversity and the highest quality. In the very east of the Kremstal wine-growing region, in Gedersdorf, the Buchegger wines thrive. The interplay of soil and climate is of very special finesse and diversity and produces exceptional wines with elegance and minerality.