Gelber Muskateller Eiswein 2021

After two unsuccessful attempts, which had to be canceled because of too high temperatures, we were finally able to harvest our Muskateller Eiswein in the early morning hours of 12 January 2022 at – 7°C. We left the grapes for it hanging in the Frechau vineyard. The vines here stand on multi-level loess deposits that can be up to 20 meters thick.

Frechau is one of the oldest vineyards in the Krems Valley and is located next to the Kremser Sandgrube, but slopes a bit more to the east. The soils warm up quickly and well. The orientation provides a warm microclimate, with the nightly cooling during the ripening phase of the grapes in the fall having a strong impact.

After harvesting, the grapes were pressed while still frozen and then fermented and aged in steel tanks. Our Muskateller Eiswein has a seductive grapey fruit on the nose with hints of passion fruit and lime. The wine is a real experience on the palate – a delicious rush of fruit with sturdy sweetness and accentuated acidity. Our advice: keep a bottle for a long time, the ice wine has enormous aging potential.

→ Data sheet Gelber Muskateller Eiswein vintage 2021 – download (in German)



Cup der Gourmetwelten – Edel Cup Österreich – 94,3/100 points
Falstaff Süßwein-Trophy 2023 – 94/100 points
Vinaria 2022 – 4/5 stars

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